CEO and Model Toffee

Toffee was born in Alabama. When he (at the time named ADAM) was 3 months old, he and his mom (ASHLEY) came as foster dogs into our lives.

His mom went to a different foster home within 24 hours. It made us cry.

In just 24 hours we got so attached to our two foster dogs.

About 1 day after Ashley left, we decided to adopt him. We named him Toffee, like the candy.

Toffee has brought so much joy to our family. We love and spoil him as much as we can.

His favorite things to do are: Chasing squirrels, eating paper, chasing shadows, eating sticks (preferably in the house) and hiding treats all over the house (he loves to 'dig' into the couch).

He is my first dog!

And just now I understand what I was missing all that time.

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